Sound in the ears - what to do?

Sound in the ears can have many causes, such as overexposure to noise, trauma or ear infections, and can also be indicative of hearing problems. To understand what to do in case of sound in the ears, it is best to consult a specialist or use products that will protect your hearing.

You can also take certain steps to alleviate the sound in your ears. For example, if the sound in your ears is caused by noise, avoid areas with loud noise or use in-ear headphones to reduce noise exposure.

You can also use relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or massage to help reduce stress and tension that can contribute to the sound in the ears.

Please remember the importance of cleaning your ears: Proper ear cleaning is important for personal hygiene and also for better hearing, but it should be done carefully to avoid potential damage or infection.
It is advisable not to put anything in the ear, as this can cause damage to the eardrum or damage to the inner ear. It is also advisable to avoid using ear flushes unless recommended by a specialist.
The best way to remove excess ear wax is to use the natural process of wax flowing out of the ear. Rubbing or wiping the ear with ear wax can lead to ear blockage, which can lead to reduced hearing.
If you experience any worrisome symptoms in your ear, such as discomfort, redness, rash, burning, or a sudden decrease in hearing, contact a specialist. The specialist will be able to thoroughly examine your ear and recommend appropriate treatment.
If the sound in your ears is continuous or intensifies, and is accompanied by other symptoms such as discomfort or dizziness, see a specialist as soon as possible to thoroughly examine the causes of the sound in your ears and recommend appropriate treatments.

We have prepared several ways on how to take care of your ears:

1. Avoid exposure to loud noise or use hearing protectors - in our store you will be able to find the right products and select them for your needs.

2. Do not put anything in your ears - we present various ear cleaning tools that you can see in our store

3. Clean your ears regularly as recommended by a specialist - a study has proven that ear cleaning is one of the most important processes and most people make a mistake under the time of this process. You have the opportunity to choose the answer the way only in our store.

4. Consult a specialist if you experience any worrisome symptoms in the ear - please take a responsible approach to your own health selection of products

5. Avoid prolonged use of headphones or loudspeakers at high volume - remember to use earplugs and ear protectors, which you can choose based on how often, how long you are in noise, and the level of noise that surrounds you

6. Get your hearing tested regularly - to be able to choose ear products correctly and take care of them properly you need to be aware of your hearing and body needs.